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German language training in Kerala

Learning languages doesn’t have to be tough. That is our conclusion after working in the education language field for many years. After working for different language schools in Germany, we decided to take the step and open our language school in India.

We work closely with experts in the German language field to ensure the best quality education. Our course levels align with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). 

We continuously join training to update and upgrade our course experience. Our teachers are native German speakers with a certification in language teaching.

Why in India?

India is a magnificent country with one of the most diverse cultures in the world. We fell in love with the place and the people. We want to give back by making high-quality language training accessible for everyone – no matter where you are.

India has one of the fastest growing economies worldwide and high education. Many professionals want to level up their careers by gaining work experience abroad. We want to support all those people who are eager to experience life in Germany or German-speaking countries for studies, career options, family reunions, or traveling.

Learn German online

We intentionally started offline, but covid-19 has changed a lot in the educational field and this give us a huge chance to grow. While the traditional classroom setting has benefits, offline classes are usually slower than online classes. Students are tired from traveling to class every day. It sometimes brings economic complications when your desired course is unavailable in your hometown or nearby region.
We are a local small business and aim to revolt against the approach of people learning a language online. We completed Goethe teachers training certification and specialized online courses for teachers from MINT Academy. We focus entirely on smoothening your learning path and continuously developing our lessons. 

Our teachings are interactive, learners oriented and use a wide range of various online tools to ensure the best classroom experience. From digital whiteboards to interactive online field sessions, we guarantee that nobody gets lost on the way. Due to the classes on Zoom, partner and group work is possible without any distractions from the other students. For any questions, check out our FAQ page or directly contact us via call or mail [click here]