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Are you looking for the best German language institute in Kerala? Look no further! We offer you the opportunity to learn German online quickly and effectively with our dedicated native instructors, world-class courses, and top teaching resources.

Lingudemics is one of the top German language institutes in Kerala with experienced native teachers who teach beginner to advanced levels of German. Our students learn German efficiently and quickly because of our rigorous curriculum and small class sizes.

leading instructor christin

Leading instructor and the founder

Christin is a Goethe-certified teacher with extensive experience in teaching students worldwide. Many Indians have benefited from her assistance in pursuing their careers in Germany.

A1 German Courses

A1 intensive course

A1 specialized course for nurses

Result oriented German language course in Kerala

Topics you’ll learn in A1?

Greetings, introduce yourself and ask for well-being.
Ask for things related to products, shopping, office items, and prices.
Talk about hobbies and food and invite people.
Understand public announcements, talk about past days, holidays, and travel.
Ask for directions, describe locations, and understand rental advertisements.
Offer help and apologies, talk about your plans and wishes, describe pain and diseases.
Ask for something, advice someone, suggest something, and discuss the rules.
Write a postcard, discuss clothing and weather, and congratulate. 

Vocabularies you’ll learn A1?

Greeting and well-being.
People and jobs.
Family and describe people.
Products and furnitures.
Hobbies, interests, and activities.
Appointments and invitations.
Date, time, price, and numbers.
Vehicles and transport.
Daily routine.
Directions, places, and houses.
Wishes and plans.
Diseases and medicine.
Households and rules.
Clothes and weather.

Requirements for Lingudemics students:

  • Laptop or desktop
  • Zoom app
  • Data plan and internet
  • Headset with mic
  • Interest in the language
  • Textbooks
  • Notebook and pen
  • A comfortable chair with preferably in a peaceful setting

A2 German courses

A2 intensive course

A2 specialized course for nurses

Well structured German language course in Kerala

Topics you’ll learn in A2?

Talk about family, and profession, express travel preferences, understand announcements, talk about your home and tell where things are.
Navigate to a supermarket or shop, make a plan with someone, agree and disagree, and discuss events.
Ask for and provide advice on health and fitness, and express compassion, concern, hope, and importance.
Talk about food, order, ask for something, pay and give complaints in restaurants, congratulate and thank, express astonishment and compare things.
Talk about your language learning experiences, read and understand a book and newspaper article, write a personal letter, and speak about media and habits.
Book a hotel room, describe the route, talk and read about your travel plan, and the weather.
Convince someone, show interest/lack of interest, ask for a report, and report on something.
Read and understand instructions, explain something, express satisfaction or dissatisfaction, discuss education and employment and express enthusiasm and disappointment.

Vocabularies you’ll learn in A2?

Family and professions
Rooms, furniture, and housing
Tourism, traveling, and sightseeing
Shopping and ordering food
Books, newspapers, and other media
Means of transport
Weather and climate
Mail and telecommunication
Language learning
Events and holidays
Health and fitness
Food and diet
Work routine and company details
Education, jobs, and working abroad

Requirements for A2 are the same as for A1. Please check out the A1 section above to know about the A2 level requirements.

B1 German courses

B1 super intensive course

B1 specialized course for nurses

The best German language course in Kerala.

Topics you’ll learn in B1?

Speak about friendships, read a magazine article and understand and speak about a statistic.
Describe talking strategies, write a complaint letter, and write and understand semi-formal invitations.
Discuss health maintenance, understand a customer case, give your opinion on how to find a job, and make a presentation.
Read and understand a letter of invitation and accept/decline, write a comment and blog post and discuss luck and missed opportunities.
Evaluate misunderstandings, obtain information, and clarify doubts.
Express your confidence, approval, indifference, and godly wishes.
Describe the studies and candidates and write a cover letter and CV.
Share your memories and tell a biography or history of someone else’s life.
Get to know and understand German society and politics, talk about German history and give your conclusion.
Understand and make presentations, discuss the rules, listen and understand a radio interview and write an ad in a newspaper.

Vocabularies you’ll learn in B1?

Friendship, youth, and memories
Professional life and career
Job hunting and job applications
Customer care
Future events and possibilities
Invitations and company outings
Consulting and advising
Maintainance and promotion of health
Opportunities and emotions
German politics, society, and history
Tourism, concerts, and advertisement
Environment and Climate

B1 does not have any particular requirement. Review requirement A1 above. The same applies to B1.

B2 German courses

B2 super intensive course

B2 specialized course for nurses

The #1 German language course online in Kerala

Topics you’ll learn in B2?

Understand a text on social media and friendships, talk about the steps of liking and listening, and understand a caller’s survey.
Describe professional portraits, listen to and understand a commentary about recreational offers in a company, and learn to make business calls and comment on a newspaper exposition.
Understand social events related to media, understand and navigate through an automatic telephone information service, talk about the media industry and understand a movie trailer.
Talk about offers for high school graduates and job fairs, understand a radio report about work and travel, write a blog entry about staying abroad and give a review for it.
Describe concepts of modeling, write a classified advertisement and learn about and understand the meaning of idioms and sayings.
Talk and describe cities and discuss city life and leisure activities.
Understand family constellations and different lifestyles, talk about binational relationships and learn about poetry slam.
Describe different forms of diet, talk about food and food waste, and understand detailed information on the mobile mailbox.
Describe local dishes and write a detailed letter of complaint.
Write a detailed motivational letter and talk about the experiences in choosing a university or school.
Understand information texts about a local service provider, talk about bargain hunting and offer a service.
Read and understand a specialist article about alternative healing methods, have a detailed conversation with a medical professional, understand a short documentary about healthcare in Germany, and give a complete written opinion about healthcare in Germany.
Learn about and understand regional dialects, deliver a detailed consulting presentation on tourism, write a statement about bilingualism and learn about the origin and migration of words.
Vocabularies you’ll learn in B2?

Staying abroad
Career options and job fairs
Movie reviews
Resignation and termination
Reading behavior
News and media
Modeling and fitness
Cities and advertisement
Services and advertisements
Human medicine and nursing
Relationship and life forms
Food handling and diet forms
Regions and dialects
Idioms and sayings
Bilingualism and biculturality
University and college

Requirements for B2 are the same as A1. Check the A1 requirement section above.

German language course online in Kerala

German language courses online in Kerala offered by Lingudemics focused to prepare students for the GoetheTestdaf, and ÖSD exams. All our teachers are from Germany. This makes it possible to explore the culture during learning. 

The greatest advantage of studying online from the best German language institute in Kerala like us is pronunciation. Each student will get their pronunciation right. We can help you prepare for the exam by improving your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Courses offered by Lingudemics are Deutsch A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1. However, C1 is only available upon request. Check out our homepage to know more about the German language levels.

Is German language demand in India?

The demand for the German language in India is growing in 2023. Many Indians study German in order to pursue higher education in Germany and find employment opportunities. The primary language of instruction at many German universities is German, so students need to be proficient in the language. However, there are some universities that offer courses in English as well. Having German language skills, however, provides access to public universities free of charge or for a minimal fee. Learning German is therefore a necessity for students who are planning to study in Germany.

Additionally, most industries require professionals to learn German as part of their job requirements. It is especially important for those who deal with German companies or clients. By knowing the German language, they can communicate more effectively and build better relationships with their German counterparts.

Know more about German classes in Kerala offered by us

Beginner German Language Courses: (A1 and A2)
Our beginner-level courses are perfect place to start learning German if you’re new to the language. These courses cover the basics of the German language, including grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. To help you master the language quickly and effectively, our instructors use a variety of teaching methods. As a result of this course, you will be able to hold basic conversations in German and have a solid foundation to continue learning the language in the future.

Intermediate German Language Courses: (B1 and B2)
Our intermediate-level courses are designed to help you improve your skills if you have some previous experience with German. These courses build on your existing language knowledge and expand your vocabulary, as well as improve your listening, speaking, and writing abilities. To help you improve your language proficiency, our instructors use immersive and engaging techniques.

Advanced German Language Courses: (C1 and C2)
To reach an advanced level of fluency in German, our advanced courses are ideal for learners who are already proficient in the language. By taking these courses, you will improve your language skills and learn to express yourself more nuancedly and complexly. It is our goal to assist you in meeting your full potential and building your confidence so that you can communicate effectively in a variety of situations.


The Goethe-Institute certificate is the best among others. They are internationally recognized, with branches around the world. The Goethe certificate is suitable for all types of visas.

German language course fees in Kerala with Lingudemics cost 15000 INR for A1 level, 18000 INR for A2 level, 23000 INR for B1 level, and 32000 INR for B2 level course.

Lingudemics offer one of the best German language course online in Kerala. It is the only institute in Kerala which has 100% teachers as native German speakers. A1 through C1 are the course levels offered by Lingudemics.

Lingudemics offers the best German courses when it comes to learning the language. Lingudemics teachers are all native German speakers. That's what makes Lingudemics a wise study choice.

It takes more than three months to become fluent in German. In such a short amount of time, you can still learn German and be close to fluent if you adjust your approach. But you will not be able to reach native level proficiency within this timeframe.

In 2023, German language demand is booming in India. When it comes to opportunities in India, German is about to overtake French. In India, experienced German language teachers can earn a minimum of 800 INR per hour in 2023. In December 2022, Germany and India were building relationships to open employment opportunities for Indians in Germany. A large number of Indians will be able to migrate to Germany as a result.

Below is our list of the top 4 free e-learning resources in 2023:

  • Deutsch für dich by Goethe Institut.
  • DW Free German Courses – all levels.
  • Schubert Verlag online übungen.
  • Alumniportal Deutschland – interactive exercises for learners with basic knowledge


The ability to speak German like a native German can be acquired by people who learn the language before the age of 10. In addition, anyone can achieve native-level proficiency in reading, listening, speaking, and writing with the right approach and passion in the language.

If you speak German, you will have a better chance of getting employment in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other central and eastern European nations. It is common for companies to hire someone who speaks German and English fluently, especially in these regions.

Freshers with German language skills can earn anywhere between 20000 and 30000 rupees per month, while experienced teachers can earn anywhere between 50000 and 100000 rupees per month.

The German language classes offered by Lingudemics are the best in Kerala. All the courses are taught by native speakers online. The convenience of studying from home is available to you.